May 23, 2024
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The Health of Water

Water’s Coherence and all that Quantum Jazz

By Suzanne Forcese

    “When we allow water to deteriorate, all life suffers.” -- Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), biomimetic experimenter

    “Quantum coherence in water is really what makes life possible.” -- Dr. Mae-Wan-Ho (1941-2016)

In WTNY’s continuing conversation with Trever Andrew, the developer of Sewllkwe Book, and Jonathan Butts, CEO of Natural Action Technologies, we explored the concept of “coherence in water” and in so doing made a quantum leap.

Fish Use Quantum Physics To School
The quantum domain has different laws from the classical Newtonian. Whereas Newtonian physics-trained biochemists struggle to understand the molecular behavior of water, quantum physics looks at a concept referred to as “quantum entanglement”. It is a term used for a higher order of coherence or integrity, displayed by a school of fish or a flight of birds, which suddenly changing direction at breakneck speed without colliding, behave as a single organism, one part in complete harmony with every other part.

Trever Andrew describes the necessity of viewing the complexities of the human body and water’s role by looking beyond classical science.

“Human beings and water are more multi-dimensional than molecules.”

The healthy human body is 70% water by weight. However, when we examine the tens of trillions of cells that make up the body, we are looking at cells that are 90-99% water molecules.

Dr. Mae-Wan-Ho's research demonstrates that an organism functions by all its parts working coherently together. The coherence affects all modes of the organism, its states, phases and motion and is governed by the essential cohesion of the water medium.

Best known for her pioneering work on the physics of organisms and sustainable systems for which she was awarded the Prigogine Medal, Dr. Mae-Wan-Ho has described the concept of quantum coherence -- “Imagine a huge jazz band of musicians making music, from the smallest instruments to the very large, playing very fast to very slow, with a musical range of 70 octaves. They are improvising from moment to moment, spontaneously and freely; and yet keeping in tune and in step with the whole. That is the ultimate quantum coherence.

“Quantum jazz is played out by the whole organism in every nerve and sinew, every muscle, every single cell, molecule, atom, and elementary particle, emitting light and sound with wavelengths from nanometers to meters and kilometers, spanning a musical range of 70 octaves or more, each improvising spontaneous and freely, yet keeping in tune and in step with the whole.”

Watch Mae-Wan-Ho's video <,font class="kelly4link">here

Using a polarizing microscope Ho developed a method of filming the behavior of the molecular structure of organisms. Here she has demonstrated the quantum jazz of a fruit fly – it could just as well be a human. This technology displays the changing subtle energy effects in the watery domains of the organism.

If water lacks coherence, its structural organization can decay rapidly resulting in entropy. Butts explains, “Water and water quality are fundamental factors in the overall health of our environment and ourselves.”

Continuing with Ho’s quantum jazz metaphor Butts says, “The earth has a particular scale or primary tone, which ‘sets up’ parameters of harmony. Water on earth can largely be seen as the conductor of the orchestra.”

Light, magnetism, voltage, sound, and atoms all possess vibrations or primary tones and frequencies.

“Notes deal with a particular frequency, but at any time we play a note, we affect the environment by ‘ringing’ surrounding substances or principles with that note.”

The vibrations emanating from that ‘ringing’ can either affect water in a positive or a negative fashion.

“Certain substances and certain types of motion can encourage harmonies within the water or cause anti-harmonies. Anti-harmonies cause water to disorganize and harmonies in the water cause the water to organize.”

To put it more simply, harmony is responsible for coherence.

“When the tune is off for too long, the water becomes stuck in that state.”

Our bodies literally run on water, so we ought to be drinking the best quality water for our health. In developed countries public water supplies are often unhealthy. They come mostly from underground sources, often well laced with agricultural chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins. Many of the physical pollutants are filtered out by water authorities, at the price of adding chlorine, fluorides and other chemicals which can damage the body in the long term.

“In addition, shortening the natural hydrological process drastically reduces its subtle and overall quality. With current populations and densities, most human beings will never experience drinking high-quality water from a mountain spring stream.”

To re-establish water’s coherence Butts and Andrew both agree the answer lies with Nature. Nature uses a combination of forces to establish and to sustain coherence.

“When Nature is left alone to organize itself, it generally plays the right note at the right time in the right scale.

“Since nature is quite a large orchestration and the song is always subject to change, there are naturally occurring dis-harmonies in Nature. However, Earth’s natural primary tone predominates harmony rather than discord. The result is cohesion and attraction.”

Mankind’s interaction with water has largely been one of interference, impeding water’s ability to rejuvenate itself.

The solution?

We learned from Butts that all source water varies and can have its own various problems, therefore all methods of water correction involving separation are valuable. This includes filtration, revitalization (passive modulation) and can include mineral additions from natural sources which emulate highly functional water found in Nature.

“If filtration is deemed necessary, the highest quality filters should be used. The main idea is to remove as much of the unwanted substances while leaving as many of the trace elements as possible.

“Mineral revitalization can be as simple as adding natural salts such as Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt. All natural colloidal volcanic minerals of certain types can really amplify the effects of functional water and have enormous effect on pathogens and many other chemicals of concern, by binding, neutralizing and precipitating them out of solution.”

Butts emphasizes that all procedural outcomes can be verified by lab reports.

Both subtle properties and general properties of water revitalization can be verified and assessed through Crystal Microscopy.

“This is why I created Sewllkwe Tracking Solutions,” Andrew adds. “Computer programs will never be able to collect all the data points of water. The outdated methods of man-made programs only look at the mechanics of water but not the health of water. What keeps this human alive? Sewllkwe!”

Butts leaves us with this note:

“By simulating natural motion around harmonizing materials we can follow Nature’s principles to assist in the tuning of the grand orchestra of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.”

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